My Job During Pride Month

June is Pride month.

Or in my world, June is “represent the absolute boundless love of God” month.

I don’t want to write much here today because much has been written about the constant culture war that rages about Christianity and LGBTQ affirmation. If you want to explore the biblical debate, check out David Gushee’s Changing Our Mind or Colby Martin’s Unclobber. Or if you know the biblical argument and are looking to expand your theological view of how we might not just tolerate, but learn from queerness, check out Mihee Kim-Kort’s Outside the Lines. Because of the good work already out there, I don’t feel the need to litigate the debate all over again or try to speak on behalf of those living this reality. That’s not my job.

As a college chaplain, I am a caregiver for the hearts and souls of college students and the faculty and staff that spend their work lives teaching and supporting them. My metaphorical job as a Christian and my literal job as a pastor is to love--to represent the unconditional love of a creative God that doesn’t play by our rules or judge the way we judge. And to be honest, I learn more about the creative and boundless love of God by the very people some Christians want to uninvite from God’s table than I do from the ones that think they control the guest list.

Love deeply. Love widely. Love more. Love humbly. Love proudly.

Look for me tomorrow downtown. I’ll be the one in the clerical collar and the “This Pastor Loves You” t-shirt. That’s my job.